Australia: Gay Couples Married in the 1930’s

Written by scott on June 5th, 2013

ArticleEven though Australia has balked at allowing gay and lesbian weddings, some gay couples married in the country more than 80 years ago. Queerty reports:

An article from The Arrow dated March 4, 1932 describes the “Wide Open Immorality Among Brisbane Perverts,” referring to the secret, illegal ceremonies between men, which the paper claims have become “common occurrences in Queensland’s capital.” Considering Australia’s lurid history [two words: penal colony] it’s kind of hard to believe that these were the “worst cases of indecency ever unearthed” but there it is in black and white.

From the original article:

The growth of the pervert population of Brisbane, beautiful capital of Queensland, is astounding, and in the last year hundreds of these queer semi-feminine men have made the city their headquarters. Now they have evolved into a cult, with two main sects, one on the north and the other on the south side of the town, with the river dividing them. And occasionally they meet at queer, indecent, degrading ceremonies when perverted lusts come into full play and shocking rituals are celebrated. In the last two weeks there have been two “weddings” — ghastly, horrifying spectacles of painted men and primping lads united in a sacrilegious blasphemy that they call the “bonds of matrimony.”

Gee, they were a little homophobic back then, weren’t they?

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