Australia: Petitions Urge Yes Vote on Marriage Equality Recognition Bill

Written by scott on June 19th, 2013

Australia MapAustralian Marriage Equality turned in 14,000 signatures encouraging an effort to pass a bill that would recognize marriages performed in other countries for gay and lesbian couples. Gay Star News reports:

A petition of 14,000 signatures of people who support the legal recognition of same-sex marriages performed abroad in Australia was delivered to Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young today. Hanson-Young will present the petition at a Senate debate tomorrow about her bill proposing to remove the ban on recognizing overseas same-sex marriages that was inserted in the Marriage Act in 2004. ‘The fact our law disregards the solemn vows of lifelong commitment made by those Australian couples who are forced overseas to marry is disrespectful to these couples and to the countries that allow them to marry,’ said Ivan Hinton, deputy national director of Australian Marriage Equality, who delivered the petition to Hanson-Young.

Anyone in Australia have a sense of this bill’s chances for passage?

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