Australia: Senate Rejects Bill to Recognize Foreign Same Sex Marriages

Written by scott on June 20th, 2013

Sydney, Australia Opera HouseA bill that would have recognized same sex marriages performed in other countries was soundly rejected by the Australian Senate. Gay Star News reports:

The Australian Senate has voted to reject a bill that would recognize same-sex marriages performed abroad by 45 to 28. A statement from Australian Marriage Equality said: ‘While the Senate Bill to recognize overseas marriages was defeated just now we welcome Liberal Senator Sue Boyce as a supporter for the solemn vows made by same-sex Australian couples.

But there was one profile in political courage, too. Gay Star News reports:

Liberal Senator Sue Boyce defied her party’s line on same-sex marriage and crossed the floor of the Australian parliament’s upper house to vote for a bill giving legal recognition to same-sex marriages performed overseas. ‘It’s an important step towards marriage equality,’ Hanson-Young said to Fairfax Media before the vote.

Kudos to Senator Boyce for standing up for LGBT rights.

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