Chile: Lesbian Couple Married By Belgian Mayor Via Google Hangout

Written by scott on June 13th, 2013

Chile FlagOk, this is getting crazy. First, we have a French gay couple marrying in Brazil via a French Embassy. Now here’s a lesbian couple married in Belgium via Google. ABC News reports:

Last Sunday in Chile, a country where same-sex marriage is illegal, two women were wed by a Belgian mayor via Google Hangouts. Claudia Amigo and Claudia Calderon, a long-time couple, tied the knot in Santiago in a ceremony officiated through a live webcam by Eric Lomba, the mayor of Marchin, Belgium, one of the world’s 14 nations that accepts same-sex marriage. The wedding, organized by the French NGO Tous Unis Pour L’Egalite, is largely symbolic, and it does not change the couple’s legal status in Chile. Nevertheless, it represented a milestone for Amigo and Calderon.

What’s next? A same sex couple living in Antarctica married via twitter by a New Zealand minister living in Washington state?

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