Chris Brown Launches UNITY Campaign for Equality for Gays, Other Minorities

Written by scott on June 14th, 2013

Chris Brown albumSinger Chris Brown, long a tabloid favorite for his violent relationship with Rihanna and his use of homophobic slurs, just launched a new campaign for equality. Pink News reports:

Singer Chris Brown has surprised fans by starting a campaign which vows to stand up for equality, for gay people, and other minority groups. The Fine China singer, and former boyfriend of Rihanna, made the announcement via a tweet, saying that his new single ‘They Don’t Know’, which will be released on Monday is part of the campaign, called “UNITY”. He tweeted to say the campaign aimed to “encourage all races, geners, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight to love each other!”.

Is this a publicity stunt to start to repair his image or a genuine effort? Time will tell, but we’ll give him some credit for at least making the attempt.

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