France: Eight Held in Beating Death of Young Gay Rights Advocate Clement Meric

Written by scott on June 8th, 2013

Clement VigilAfter a brutal attack on a young gay rights advocate in Paris this week, 8 men are being held in connection to the murder. reports:

Eight far-right extremists are being held in connection to the beating death of gay rights and anti-fascist activist Clement Meric on Wednesday night, the Guardian reports: The interior minister, Manuel Valls, blamed “an extreme right group” for the murder. He said there had been a “dangerous discourse” in France for several weeks, a nod to the heated row over same-sex marriage and violent skirmishes on the fringes of the anti-gay marriage movement and demonstrations.

Am I the only one who thinks Clement looks a little like Matthew Shepard? I can only hope his death has the same far-reaching effects on France that Shepard’s did here, putting a face on anti-gay violence and turning many folks who had been on the fence against homophobia.

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  1. Admirer says:

    Notre cœur tendre la main et les mots ne suffisent pas à ce brave guerrier de l’égalité des gays plus précieux Clément Noble! X

    Vous serez un symbole éclatant de la véritable honneur et vaillance, de courage dans la défense d’une noble cause que nous partageons tous. Notre espoir est que tu étais vivant à partager la nouvelle aube vous avez aidé à créer de la liberté et de l’égalité frère. Nous vous aimons et nous utiliserons votre noble courage de lutte,le toujours dans nos cœurs et nos esprits Clément X Reste maintenant votre travail est fait X

    Our Heart reach out and words are not enough to this Brave Warrior of Gay Equality most valued Noble Clément! X

    You will be a Shining Symbol of True Honor and Valor, courage in defense of a noble cause we all share. Our hope was that you were alive to share in the new dawn you helped to create of Freedom and Equality Noble Brother. We Love you and we will use your noble bravery to Fight on. Always in our hearts and minds Clément X Rest now your work is done X

  2. Nancy Caldwell says:

    France has never struck me as a backward country but apparently it is. I won’t be going there.

  3. Tam Blank says:

    Why do people HATE so much?? Ignorance,uneducated…how they were taught by their parents peers! This is uncalled for!! My heart bleed’s for the hater’s and bullies all over!! WAKE UP WORLD!! WAKE UP HATERS OF THE WORLD! Karma baby!!

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