France: Gay Couple Sues Mayor Who Won’t Marry Same Sex Couples

Written by scott on June 26th, 2013

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The mayor of Arcangues, Francde, is being taken to court over his refusal to perform same sex weddings. Pink News reports:

A French gay couple have mayor to court who said he would rather “go to the gallows”, than marry a same-sex couple, under the newly introduced French equal marriage law. A lawyer for Jean-Michel Martin and Guy Martineau-Espel lodged the complaint against mayor Jean-Michel Colo, the mayor of Arcangues, near Bayonne, who said no same-sex weddings would take place in the village. Colo, 60, the first French mayor to refuse to perform a same-sex wedding, said he would rather be hanged than officiate at a gay couple’s wedding. He said that because gay couples are “sterile”, equal marriage is a “parody” of equality, and that it is a “big lie”.

How sad to live in a country that now recognizes marriage equality, only to be turned away in your own town.

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