France: New Pope Wants Repeal of Marriage Equality Law

Written by scott on June 16th, 2013

Pope FrancisSo much for the hope that the new pope was stepping back a bit from the marriage equality fight. Gay Star News reports:

Pope Francis encouraged French politicians to take matters into their own hands in a speech apprently directed at gay marriage. Speaking to a delegation of French politicians and representatives at the Vatican yesterday, Pope Francis called France a ‘nation to which the eyes of the world often turn,’ pointing to the controversial Marriage for All Bill that split the country into in an unprecedented show of public discord between gay marriage opponents and supporters… According to a Vatican statement, the Pope said to the delegation, whose arrival coincided with Rome’s annual gay pride parade: ‘Your task, technically and legally, is certainly to propose, amend or even repeal legislation.’

So different pope, softer tones, but ultimately the same message – gays are second class citizens and don’t deserve marriage. We had hoped for more from this Pope of the people.

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  1. Arturo Schultz says:

    Same message different packaging

  2. Robert Flanders says:

    Well, so he is the same as the recent past. I suppose female priests are also out of the question. Another soggy fuddy-duddy!

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