Germany: Bill to Give Gay, Lesbian Couples Equal Tax Breaks Goes to Parliament

Written by scott on June 15th, 2013

GermanyIn the wake of a court ruling a week and a half ago saying gay and lesbian couples were entitled to the same tax breaks married straight couples receive, there’s a bill to do so moving through the government. Pink News reports:

The German cabinet has adopted a bill granting same-sex couples in civil partnerships the same income tax benefit as married opposite-sex couples, which will now be considered by parliament. Married couples in Germany are allowed to use a “spousal splitting” tax break in which they pool their incomes and divide their earnings to calculate individual income tax. If the bill passes through parliament same-sex couples in civil partnerships would be able to use the same spousal splitting to pay less income tax, applying retroactively from 2001, when Germany introduced civil partnerships.

Nice that it would be retroactive. Will Germany ever consider full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples? That would seem to be the easiest fix.


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