Idaho: Another City Considers LGBT Protections

Written by scott on June 15th, 2013

IdahoThe city of Idaho Falls is considering an LGBT rights ordinance, but a state law could wipe out that ordinance and six others like it across the state. LGBTQ Nation reports:

The Post Register reports the city council is working on a draft ordinance and collecting public comment on the issue. But if a group of Republican lawmakers has their way, all such rules would be invalidated. The Idaho Republican Party Central Committee will consider a resolution Saturday that would call for the Legislature to enact a law rendering any city anti-discrimination ordinances unenforceable.

It still amazes me how the GOP at the state level will fight ANY law that confers ANY rights on LGBT folks, even basic things like employment and hospital protections that enjoy huge public support.

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  1. Ned Flaherty says:

    In 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court declared a similar law in Colorado was un-constitutional, because discriminating in advance against an entire class of people serves no government purpose.

    The Republican Party’s effort to distract voters by seeming to be “nicer” than it was in 2012 is, so far, a total failure.

  2. The story says that they will consider the resolution that somebody proposed today. Do you know what the outcome of that consideration was? Did they decide to ask the state legislature to override the cities, or did they decide not to?

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