Illinois, USA: House Dems Apologize for Marriage Equality Fiasco, NOM Gloats

Written by scott on June 3rd, 2013

Illinois mapJust days after the Illinois House adjourned without taking a vote on the marriage equality bill, 15 democratic lawmakers apologized to the LGBT community for the failure. LGBTQ Nation reports:

As a community, we must come together, assess our strategy, and redouble our efforts in the fight for fundamental fairness. This is not the time for us to splinter – for that is exactly what our opponents want. The more united we are in the coming days and weeks, the sooner the bill will get passed – and the sooner our dream of full equality will become a reality. We want to extend our sincerest apologies to the families who rushed to Springfield in the waning hours of session to support equality in anticipation of this historic vote. You have been and continue to be our inspiration and we pledge to fight together until we achieve full equality for all Illinois families.

The bill’s prospects for the ret of the year are cloudy. The Washington Times reports:

The measure can be revived in November in what as known as a “veto session,” but 71 House votes would be needed to pass a bill in that session. There is also the possibility that if Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn calls lawmakers back for a special legislative session in the summer to address pension reform, which also was left without resolution Friday, he could include the gay-marriage bill.

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NOM is celebrating. Joe.My.God reports:

NOM is continuing to celebrate the failure of the Illinois House to vote on marriage, this time with an image that shows confetti streaming down on a toppled Capitol Building. It’s an anti-gay Day After Tomorrow! Unsurprisingly, the image comes attached to NOM’s latest money beg.

And the Illinois Family Institute called the delay a “gift from God. On Top Magazine reports:

“As Christians we know that all good things are gifts from God, and the retention of sexual complementary in the government’s definition of marriage is a very good thing,” the Illinois Family Institute, which lobbied against passage, said in a blog post. “The failure of this bill is a good thing for children, for parental rights, for religious liberty, for the common good, and for truth.”

Conservative Christians love to gloat – so much for the whole humility thing.

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  1. Roger Ramos says:

    Screw on Illinois Family Institute for their hate message and bigotry! They should be shame on themselves. My best friend is engaged with her girlfriend that I really like. My two different female-cousins are engaged with their fiancee. Heartbroken here…

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