Italy: Senate to Debate Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on June 12th, 2013

Italian SenateAfter Italy’s new prime minister blocked an attempt at a civil unions law a month ago, rights for gay and lesbian couples in Italy seemed a distant dream. But now comes word that the Senate is about to debate a marriage equality bill. Gay Star News reports:

The Justice Commission, one of the parliament’s organizations, is going to analyze several bills which have been presented by left and right-wing politicians. The main one is the DDL (Disegno di Legge, the draft of a new law) presented by senator and former LGBT association Arcigay’s president Sergio Lo Giudice. The draft, called ‘Norme Contro Le Discriminazioni Matrimoniali’ (rules against marriage discrimination) would make gay and lesbian marriage fully legal in Italy if it is passed. But the parliament still seems unlikely to back the bill as the majority of Deputies and Senators are Catholic and will block the proposals.

But just the fact that the bill is being brought up for debate is a marked change in Italy, where the Catholic Church has long blocked any progress on LGBT rights.

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  1. I am not that sure on the scarce opportunities such an advance could have in Italy. LGBT Arcigay made a poll among elected and non-elected congress people and most of them supported marriage and joint or co-adoption for same sex couples.

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