Jamaica: Churches Rally to Keep Sodomy Law

Written by scott on June 23rd, 2013

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As Jamaica considers decriminalizing gay sex, a group of pastors has organized a rally against the move. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Several church pastors in Jamaica led a revival meeting Sunday to oppose efforts to overturn the Caribbean country’s anti-sodomy law and turn back what they see as increasing acceptance of homosexuality. Roughly 1,500 people in their Sunday best gathered in a central Kingston park for a spirited religious service two days before a rare court challenge to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law.

They used a familiar argument:

Church of Christ pastor Leslie Buckland urged the crowd to pray for the conversion of homosexuals and lesbians. He said gay rights activists are trying to “take over the world” by challenging anti-gay laws in the courts. He said that once Jamaica’s sodomy law was repealed, gay activists would “go back to the court to make it a criminal offense to speak against the homosexual lifestyle.”

Yes, because that’s happened everywhere else where gays aren’t put into jail for consensual adult sex with each other. Or not.

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