Russia: Gay Couples Request Marriage Licenses, Are Denied

Written by scott on June 29th, 2013

RussiaFive brave gay/lesbian couples asked for marriage licenses in St. Petersburg, but were tuned away, Gay Star News reports:

Five same-sex couples, three gay and two lesbian partners, arrived to St. Petersburg registry office to officially submit applications to register their marriages, yesterday (28 June). Couples arrived in a white limo to the registrar’s office, chair of St. Petersburg Pride and Equality organization, Yury Gavrikov and his partner Maksim Lisak, were the first to appear, followed by Dmitry Chunosov and Jaroslav Yevtushenko, Ilmira Shayhraznova and Elena Yakovleva, Yana Petrova Elena Davydova and Pavel Lebedev and Cyril Kalugin. Registry staff were visibly shocked and at first did not even want to admit the couples into the office, although eventually they managed along with reporters.

Of course, the same thing would happen in St. Petersburg, Florida. Just sayin’.

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