Written by scott on June 1st, 2013

Seriously?Our semi-regular round-up of the crazy (and often unintentionally hilarious) things that anti-gay folks are saying about marriage equality and the LGBT community.

First off, Seriously regular Bryan Fischer warns of grave consequences should the US Supreme Court strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. On Top Magazine reports:

“If they don’t do this [uphold the law], they will be opening the door then not only to same-sex marriage, they’ll be opening the door to transsexual marriages. They’ll be opening the door to polygamy. They’ll be opening the door to incest. They’ll be opening the door to pedophilia. They’ll be opening the door to bestiality,” Fischer said. “And it will be at that point too late for America. We will have become Rome; we will be slouching toward Gomorrah, we will be bull-rushing Gomorrah at warp speed.”

And over in the UK, the former Archbishop of Canterbury takes a ride down the same slippery slope. Think Progress reports:

A fourth reason why we should be worried by the redefining of marriage is the unintended consequences of such a step. Once we let go of the exclusivity of a one man-one woman relationship with procreation linking the generations, then why stop there? If it is ‘about love and commitment’ then it is entirely logical to extend marriage to, say, two sisters bringing up children together. If it is merely ‘about love and commitment’ then there is nothing illogical about multiple relationships, such as two women and one man.

Don’t they ever get tired of spouting the same malarkey, over and over?


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  1. Wyocowboy says:

    Alright here we go again with the bestiality. Has anyone seen that ad of the pig and the lady parking, mmmm is that not promoting bestiality and are they not straight?

  2. jerry says:

    For God Fearing Men & Women… sure come up with some pretty sick and twisted ideas. I’m married to someone of the same sex….and those thoughts never come to me until I hear them from nut cases like you folks. Perhaps you should be cleaning up your own twisted vulgar thoughts. Why not love your neighbor as God intended and allow God to judge each of us. Love me…don’t judge me….and leave that up to God to judge us both on our own merits.

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