Written by scott on June 4th, 2013

Seriously?Our semi-regular round-up of the crazy (and often unintentionally hilarious) things that anti-gay folks are saying about marriage equality and the LGBT community.

We’ll start with Bryan Fischer, one of our regulars and head of the AFA, with this tweet. Joe.My.God reports:

“NYT: wonders of gays in military: 90% of homosexual rapists in the military are serial predators.”

As Joe points out, the article says nothing about gays or homosexuals, and rape is a crime of power, not sex pr sexual orientation. Nice one, Mister Fischer.

In Tasmania, a stubborn anti-gay man has put up another billboard. Gay Star News reports:

A man who was ordered by his local council to remove an anti-gay marriage billboard from the side of a road in north-western Tasmania has erected another one with the assistance of local church groups. Graham Hodge erected the first sign in April near the town of Wynyard which depicted a male symbol and a female symbol and an equals sign with two rings but was ordered to take it down by Burnie City Council after it was discovered that Hodge had no approval to erect the sign. Now Hodge has erected a second billboard, with the same symbols and the slogan ‘designed by God.’

Al Mohler, the president of a Kentucky Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says the gay is like a cancer. On Top Magazine reports:

Liberal churches “argue that to tell a homosexual he is a sinner is uncompassionate and intolerant. This is like arguing that a physician is intolerant because he tells a patient she has cancer. But, in the culture of political correctness, this argument holds a powerful attraction. Biblical Christians know that compassion requires telling the truth, and refusing to call sin something sinless. To hide or deny the sinfulness of sin is to lie, and there is no compassion in such a deadly deception.”

So being born gay is like a cancer, but choosing to be a religious bigot is what, a gift from God?

And finally, Robert George, Chairman of NOM, Claims Prop 8 and similar bans have nothing to o with animus against gays. On Top Magazine reports:

“It’s true that sometimes you have laws that are clearly rooted in bigotry, and we should be able to say that that’s true when that’s true. But people who have conservative ideas about sex and marriage are not bigots. No one cooked up the conjugal conception of marriage, which emerges from a deep history, and in many traditions, on the basis of bigotry. That’s just false to the historical facts. And now, they can have a view, that’s fine. They can compete for their view, and if they can win a majority of their fellow citizens in a fair debate, then their views should prevail. But people on the other side have exactly the same right. And if they can persuade a majority of their fellow citizens, then they should prevail. What we shouldn’t be able to do, Peter, either side, is to go into court to short-circuit the democratic process.”

And how many times has NOM gone “into court to short-circuit the democratic process” when it comes to campaign finance reporting laws they don’t like?


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