Written by scott on June 23rd, 2013

Seriously?With the Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality barreling down on us like a freight train, the crazies are coming out in force. Enjoy today’s helping of Seriously?

First off, Seriously? regular Linda Harvey is back with a doozy. Right Wing Watch reports:

As Harvey explained it, if gay marriage ever becomes accepted at part of the culture norm, it will fundamentally warp the worldview of children who will grow up thinking that it is okay to marry someone of the same sex. And if that ever happens, “it will revolutionize the psychology and spiritual development” of children by removing the fundamental “security level” that all previous generations understood. “It’s going to mess with their hearts, their minds, their spirits, and their bodies,” Harvey warned. “I think that we are looking toward; I don’t know that this is, maybe it’s too strong a word, but raising barbarians.”

Over at the AFA, they’re praying hard against the gay (marriage). Joe.My.God reports:

We pray for the pending Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. We pray that next week the Court would not impose a false definition of marriage on our nation. Father, we confess that we in the Church have already sinned against You and have not been good stewards of the gift of marriage through our own issues with unfaithfulness, selfishness, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.

It goes on from there, but you gotta love the pornography reference. And hey, when does the crusade against divorce start?

And finally, conspiracy theory nut Jerome Corsi thinks marriage equality will lead to killing people for fun. On Top Magazine reports:

“If sex becomes disassociated with a Biblical purpose, then all the abuses we saw in paganism are about to return,” Corsi said in a recent speech posted online. “Because what is to prevent us from saying, ‘Well, how about pedophilia?’ And the ACLU has been in court arguing for pedophilia. What about bestiality? What about snuff films? Let’s kill a few people because it’s sexually exciting. Where is the limit?”

We’ve heard of the slippery slope, but this is the first time it’s had a gun at the bottom.


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  1. Arturo Schultz says:

    Well bite my tongue Linda 🙂

  2. Sherri Gray says:

    i continue to be amazed at the immaturity and ignorance of folks who are against marriage equality. i hope you will consider posting my song, ‘What If We Are Just Like You’ on your site. it has 35,000+ hits on youtube and has received favorable comments from 150 countries. i am proud to be working on the ‘right side of history’. here’s the URL:

    thanks so much – hope to hear from you.


    Sherri Gray

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