Tennessee, USA: Grandma Writes, Sings Marriage Equality Song for Niece

Written by scott on June 1st, 2013

you tube bigA beautiful, touching song from a grandmother to her niece and her partner in Tennessee. Queerty reports:

Sherri Gray from Nashville, TN is 72 years young and a grandmother of eight. Her niece Shannon is getting married this summer to her fiancee Lisa and she wrote this song to show her support for them as well as “for everyone who is either a member of or who loves a member of the GLBTQ community.”

It’s really beautiful… enjoy.

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  1. Sherri Gray says:

    thank you for taking time to post this… LGBTs and their families and friends have waited far too long for change to happen…i pray that narrow-mindedness and prejudice will be obliterated by the love of sensible, kind, compassionate supporters. love – Sherri Gray

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