USA, Colorado: Activists Plan to Strike Down Colorado’s Marriage Equality Ban

Written by scott on June 27th, 2013

Colorado House Speaker Mark FerrandinoAnd marriage equality plans move forward in yet another state – Colorado – just months after the passage of the state’s civil unions law. USA Today reports:

Gay rights advocates will seek to overturn Colorado’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage at the ballot box in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino said gay-rights groups, with One Colorado at the forefront, are building a coalition to repeal the ban on gay marriage that Colorado voters added to the state constitution in 2006. Ferrandino, a Denver Democrat, is the first openly gay man to hold that title in the state Legislature. He expects an initiative on the ballot by the end of the decade, barring a lawsuit that could render an initiative unnecessary.

End of the decade? How about 2014? Another domino…

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  1. Colorado has had three big defeats at the ballot box: Amendment 2 (anti-discrimination law ban, struck down by Romer v. Evans), Amendment 46 (marriage ban), and Referendum I (which would have created civil unions 7 years before the legislature finally passed it). So people here are very cautious of a fourth ballot initiative, and will probably not go forward unless/until the polls are consistently, definitively in our favor.

    There are also talks about lawsuits being filed against the state, so that might get things done sooner than an attempted amendment.

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