USA, Colorado: Six Year Old Transgender Girl Allowed to Use Girl’s Bathroom at School

Written by scott on June 24th, 2013

Transgender Colorado Girl - CoyA state agency just ruled that a young transgender girl has the right to use the womens’ restroom at her school. Think Progress reports:

The Colorado Civil Rights Division has ruled that six-year-old Coy Mathis is allowed to use the bathroom at her school. Coy is transgender, and her family sued her school in Fountain, Colorado after administrators told her she was not allowed to use the girls’ room, identifying her only by her genitalia, and not the way she identified and presented. The detailed decision rebuts this assertion, pointing out that the school (“Respondent”) drew too simplistic a conclusion about how Coy (“Charging Party)” identified:

At what age do you know you’re transgender? I knew I was different (though I didn’t have a label for it) when I was four or five, and it was years later when I applied the term “gay” to myself. Is it the same for most of our transgender brothers and sisters out there? Did you know that early?

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