USA: Groups Band Together to Push for Inclusive LGBT Rights Bill

Written by scott on June 19th, 2013

CongressAlmost 150 groups have joined together across the United States to push for a single, omnibus bill for LGBT rights. Edge Boston reports:

Over 145 LGBT and LGBT-supportive organizations from 36 states have joined the Pledge for Full LGBT Equality campaign. The groups are calling upon the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus to file a national bill for full equality – something that would encompass, marriage, workplace protections, education, everything. “To change course, it’s important that our existing strategy of filing multiple single-issue bills not be treated as a sacrosanct pragmatic legislative strategy, because it has not worked,” gay rights activist Todd Fernandez, who is working to advance the cause, wrote in a piece for The Huffington Post. Some of the groups that have joined the effort include nationwide PFLAG groups, Equality Pennsylvania, Equality Nevada, Equality Nebraska, Equality Hawaii, Equality Illinois, and Equality Maryland. LGBT Pride committees supporting the cause include one from Jacksonville, Florida.

Chance of passage through the house: Zero. But as the right has shown us, changing the conversation (and moving it in your direction) is half the battle.

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