USA: No Marriage Equality Rulings Today + More Analysis

Written by scott on June 13th, 2013

US Supreme CourtLet’s start with the obvious – Joe.My.God reports that the US Supreme Court didn’t release any marriage equality rulings today. That likely leaves the next two mondays (unless they add a day or slip into July):

Today was a rare Thursday release of rulings by the Supreme Court, but there were no decisions on the pending same-sex marriage cases. So now we’re down to the next two Mondays left in the month.

In related news, Scott Schafer at KQED reports on Judge Vaughn Walker’s thoughts on the marriage equality case. Walker was the judge who initially overturned Prop 8:

…when Walker called and invited me to hear him speak about LGBT legal issues before a gathering of 25 or so criminal defense attorneys Monday night, how could I resist? At the meeting, Walker outlined the history of homosexuality and the law. Born in 1944, Walker said the breadth of change in how the courts perceive gay rights is something that “I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams.” For emphasis, he added that the shift has been “utterly unimaginable.”

And over at Queerty, Lisa Keen takes a look at Anthony Kennedy, the likely swing vote in the two marriage equality cases:

…in the last gay-related case before the court, Kennedy sided with freedom of speech for Kansas evangelist Fred Phelps’ gang to spew anti-gay hate epithets within earshot of a soldier’s funeral. That, of course, was purely a First Amendment decision-and not a comment on the repugnance of the Phelps clan’s antigay tactics. We’ve gone back and taken a look at how all the justices have voted on gay-related cases, where a vote can be discerned, over the past 30 years. And we’ve looked at how often they’ve been clustering around the traditional liberal-conservative poles in the current session.

Keen places the odds of Kennedy voting on the bill at 3-2.

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