USA: Prop 8 / DOMA Last Minute Speculation & Analysis

Written by scott on June 26th, 2013

Defense of Marriage ActWe are literally down to the wire on the release of the US Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality. So we thought we’d wrap up the last few stories of speculative and analysis on the cases for the court rules.

We’ll start with Toby Plakas at the Sun-Sentinel, who thinks the GOP needs the Supreme Court to help them out on the issue:

Republicans are in dire need of a Supreme Court bailout on marriage. They need the Court to resolve this conflict for them, because doing it any other way will be the harder road to travel. After years of relying on marriage as a hot-button issue to drive voters to the polls, Republicans are now either running from the issue altogether, or coming out in support of same-sex marriage. As I’ve said before, “When your horse is dead, dismount. And never let anyone see you check for a heartbeat.”

Over at Joe.My.God, Joe points us to a video by the American Family Association’s Brian Fischer where he makes the strangely circular argument that it would be unconstitutional to rule DOMA unconstitutional.

NON Hate AvatarAnd in the wake of HRC launching the very popular red equality avatar, NOM is launching one of their own blue one. Joe.My.God reports:

The tweet: “Please make this your avatar as we prepare to #SpeaktheTruth about #marriage when the #SupremeCourt rules!”

NOM also checks in with this lie. Joe.My.God reports:

A broad ruling in favor of redefining marriage would be represent the most urgent threat to the religious freedom of pro-marriage Catholics and other Christians we have ever witnessed in this country. Countries that have redefined marriage (think Canada) are actively and aggressively fining and imprisoning Christian pastors and Catholic priests and bishops who continue to speak the truth about marriage and human sexuality from the pulpit.” – NOM communications director Thomas Peters, writing for Catholic Vote.

NOM also chimes in with another lie. As Joe notes:

The only Canadian pastor ever fined for anti-gay hate speech was Stephen Boissoin, whose 2002 penalty was overturned was in 2009. So not only has no Canadian religious figure ever been “imprisoned” for opposing gay marriage, not one has ever so much as paid a fine.

Over at ABC News, they have a primer on the two cases:

Prop 8: Two same-sex couples — Kristin M. Perry and Sandra B. Stier, and Paul T. Katami and Jeffrey J. Zarrillo — are challenging California’s ballot initiative that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Although the court could rule more narrowly, this case asks the question of whether there is a fundamental right to gay marriage.

And last but not least, we end on a hopeful note from out gay actor Zachary Quinto. Pink News reports:

“We’ll see what happens… I’m certainly not going to hazard against it to say what happens, but I hope it’s a galvanizing moment, and I’m hopeful that [equal marriage] will be supported and we’ll continue to move forward.”

Just over an hour left to go. Feel like I swallowed a net full of butterflies.


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