USA: Religious Attitudes on Marriage Equality Change

Written by scott on June 11th, 2013

Marriage Equality and Religion PollAlthough this Pew Poll is a couple months old, the article does a great job hilighting the increases in support for marriage equality among various religions, so we thought it was worth sharing. The Advocate reports:

A third of the people who participated in the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life said their minds changed on marriage equality because someone they know — either family, friend, or other acquaintance — came out to them as LGBT. Equal percentages of people, 18%, said they now support marriage equality because it’s either inevitable and the world is changing, or because they think the government should no longer dictate marriage on a personal level.

Only 13% of white evangelicals supported marriage equality in 2001. While only 23% support marriage rights for same-sex couples 12 years later, the increase has come mainly in the last four years. Figures among black Protestants has remained essentially the same, with 30% supporting marriage in 2001, a steep drop in 2004, and then 32% supporting marriage equality now.

The poll also puts Catholic support at 54% and Protestant support at 55%. More and more we see these folks showing up at our marches and rallies, too. The tide really has turned.


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