USA: “The Knot” Releases Same Sex Wedding Survey

Written by scott on June 29th, 2013

titleThe mainstream wedding site “The Knot” just released a survey on wedding trends for same sex couples. Gay Today reports:

Same-sex couples are less likely to have a formal proposal than their straight counterparts, with about 58% proposing, compared with approximately 91% of straight couples. They are far more likely to just decide to get married; two out of five (40%) opted for this route, compared with one in 10 (9%) straight couples. The proposal is equally as likely to be a surprise. One in four of both couples’ proposals were a surprise. They’re also equally as likely to be private, with one in four proposals for each type of couple done in private. While most straight couples stick to tradition with one member getting down on one knee, this is where same-sex couples split – 16% were traditional, where 14% had a nontraditional proposal.

This makes sense – for many of us, a lot more than romance has to go into the decision to marry – is it allowed where we live? What will friends/family think? Will we be able to find supportive venues? How will those around us react if I go down on one knee for my same-sex partner? I hope one day we can let all that go and just be carried away by romance.


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