Australia: Prime Minister’s Pro Marriage Equality Stance Boosts Party With Voters

Written by scott on July 14th, 2013

titleAlso in Australia, a new poll says that 30% of voters are more likely to support the Labor Party now that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has come out for marriage equality. Gay Star News reports:

The survey, conducted by Galaxy Research and funded by Australian Marriage Equality, highlighted 30% of voters would be more likely to support the Labor in the federal contest. The interviewees said their support is due to Rudd’s stance on gay marriage. The 19% of the 1000 people interviewed said they would be less likely to vote for Labor. Young people are more likely to vote for Labor. More than 50% said they will support the left-wing party.

Once again, it’s the youth who are moving the world solidly toward marriage equality. But I wonder how youth turn-out is in Australian elections?

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  1. James Doyle says:

    Voting in Australia is compulsory, so the voting turnout of all demographics, including 18-29 year olds, is generally above 90%.

  2. scott says:

    Thanks so much for the info!

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