France: Marriage Equality Offers New Business Opportunities

Written by scott on July 6th, 2013

Paris, FranceNow that France recognizes full marriage equality, there’s a huge market waiting to be tapped by vendors. Smart Planet reports:

Just days after, drag queen threads and cocktails were replaced by tuxedos and canapes as the city welcomed the first gay marriage expo, G-Day. Wedding planners, photographers, and consultants were all on hand to help couples navigate the uncharted waters of holding a proper wedding in France. One company, Primeday, is looking to be the first to provide A-Z assistance for newly engaged couples — and they aren’t stopping in France. Event planning for gay civil unions (called the PACS, in France) has been around since lesbian and gay couples could acknowledge their partnerships with the PACS in 1999. But with marriage now legal, few services are in place to cater to this market that has enormous spending potential.

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