France: Understanding the Fight Over Marriage Equality in France

Written by scott on July 10th, 2013

ParisAfter the divisive battle over the marriage equality bill in France, US News and World Report has a great recap that dives into the history of the fight, along with a Q&A:

Almost a year after the election of Francois Hollande as the president of France, the country has been facing a series of visceral crises. But none of them has been as dividing and politicized as the one regarding same-sex marriage.

The massive manifestations taking place throughout France in January, and especially on May 26, 2013, opposed to same-sex marriage and advocating for the protection of the traditional heterosexual family have raised important questions about French society. What is the degree of acceptability of the French society? Is French society a bastion of conservatism wrapped in liberalism?

On April 23, 2013, the French Parliament adopted a law on same-sex marriage that was later approved by the Constitutional Council. The first official French gay marriage took place on May 29 between Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau in Montpellier.

Interestingly, according to the French polling agency IFOP, the issue of same-sex marriage is predominantly perceived as a secondary issue, as opposed to the questions of deindustrialization and national debt. And the people who say they are concerned about same-sex marriage are mostly in favour of it, but evenly split on the question of adoption by gay couples.

It’s been amazing to watch the fervor over marriage equality in France, which has an image of being very open to sexuality and “non-traditional” relationships.

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  1. Michael Barber says:

    Catholic extremist militants equivalent to the Taliban in their ignorance, hatred, and animus toward people who aren’t terrorists like themselves.

  2. Ned Flaherty says:

    The forces that secretly fund NOM, year after year, were heavily at work in France.

    The media reporting was highly orchestrated for visual impact and aural effect.

    Most of those opposing marriage equality didn’t really care about it very much at all. Their primary goal was to demonize Mr. Hollande over any issue they could find.

    The funders were mainly interested in giving a last-minute fright to decision-makers (judges, lawmakers) in other countries (U.S., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Australia).

    But it didn’t work, and the French cry-babies have all gone home. We’ll hear no more from them about marriage; they’re already looking for their next goblin to turn government rightward.

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