New Pope Crushes Hopes That Church Would Stop Focusing on Gay Marriage

Written by scott on July 5th, 2013

Pope FrancisIn a major statement from both the old and new Popes (how weird is that?) Pope Francis stripped away the pretense that he was only focused on helping the poor and unfortunate, and once again made it clear gays and marriage equality have no place in the Church. Gay Star News reports:

While same-sex marriage equality is not mentioned in name, the passage that follows makes it clear both Francis and Benedict intend to condemn it. They say heterosexual unions are ‘born of their love, as a sign and presence of God’s own love’. And they insist straight marriage is ‘the acknowledgment and acceptance of the goodness of sexual differentiation, whereby spouses can become one flesh’ – in other words sex should be between men and women in marriage.

They then go on to put the procreation of children at the center of their faith. They say: ‘Faith also helps us to grasp in all its depth and richness the begetting of children, as a sign of the love of the Creator who entrusts us with the mystery of a new person.’ And they attempt to put religion above human rights by saying the idea of equality without faith ‘cannot endure’.

New Pope same as the old Pope. Only this one may be more dangerous to LGBT rights because he comes with more of a veneer of compassion.


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  1. Andrew Hambrick says:

    That’s ok I’m what god had made me and he had made me gay and I’m happy .

  2. E M Markwis says:

    Yet this is the same religion that reqiuires priests and nuns to remain celibate, yet has permitted the castration of boys to sing in the Papal Choir, and has allowed the sexual abuse of children! Hypocrites!

  3. Br. Brian-Andrew says:

    I’m blessed to have found a church that practices catholic spirituality and at the same time Accepts, Affirms, and Welcomes All people – gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, single, married, and celibate. The church affirms that all people have a right to be married if they so choose. God has blessed us with such a diverse and loving parish. Not all catholics are Roman. Peace.

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