New Zealand: Church Backs Out of Same Sex Wedding, Cites Policy

Written by scott on July 18th, 2013

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An Anglican Church that was slated to host one of the first same sex weddings in the country has backed out, according to Pink News:

St Matthew’s in the City vicar Glynn Cardy said the decision to not hold the wedding came down to policy. He said: “And that policy says that the marriage between a same-gender couple can’t happen inside St Matthew’s church, can’t be taken by an Anglican priest within St Matthew’s church.” He went on to say that the policy is discriminatory and that he is committed to working towards changing it. “I’ve got a motion before the Auckland Synod in September that is asking the synod to engage with that and then we’d see what happens at general synod in May 2014,” he continued.

The wedding will go on in another venue, although it may be preceded by a planned Air New Zealand wedding.

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