Written by scott on July 3rd, 2013

Seriously?Marriage equality and gay rights opponents continue to blather on. Today’s samples:

Bishop Drops the F Bomb (in Spanish)

A Catholic Cardinal used the spanish equivalent of the F word to refer to a gay ambassadorial nominee. LGBTQ Nation reports:

President Barack Obama’s choice of openly gay nominee, James “Wally” Brewster as Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, has touched off a firestorm of criticism including from Catholic Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, who referred to Brewster in Spanish as a “maricon” — a slur usually translated as “faggot.” The Cardinal’s remarks came during a televised press conference last Thursday. Monsignor Paul Cedano, speaking at the same press conference, said Brewster would experience such an unpleasant stay in the Dominican Republic that he will have to return home. “I hope he does not arrive in the country because I know if he comes he is going to suffer and will have to leave,” Cedano said.

Very Christian of him.

Justice Kennedy Went All Islamic Fatwa on Our Ass

The former head of NOM accused Justice kennedy of issuing a “Fatwa” against marriage. Think Progress reports:

What you are really asking is: Will we concede the legitimacy of Kennedy’s fatwa against us, or will we respond with a sustained opposition — legal, political, cultural, and of the moral imagination? I don’t believe in inevitability, I believe in human freedom and our power to shape the future. So it depends on us. But certainly I believe, as I wrote in the Los Angeles Times, that the questions raised by marriage — deeply rooted in our conception of who we are as men and women, the meaning of sexuality and gender — cannot be put to rest by the power of five lawyers on however high a court.

Note the twofer – slamming him for opposing marriage equality and slipping in an Islamic reference. She is good at this shit.

Only the Queen Can Save Us From Gay Catastrophe

In the UK, a “Christian” business group from the Isle of Man is begging the Queen to block marriage equality by witholding royal consent. Pink News reports:

“A Christian Concern” – made up of four business directors on the Isle of Man – sent the letter to the 87-year-old monarch last month but have yet to receive a response. The Isle of Man Examiner reports that the letter cites at the Queen’s 1952 Coronation of how she swore an oath to maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel to the utmost of her power. The letter claims the same-sex marriage bill for England and Wales “obviously and incontrovertibly defies the unchangeable law of God as established since the dawn of creation and re-affirmed by Christ Jesus in Mark 10:6-8”.

When, exactly, did it become a Christian value to discriminate?


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