Written by scott on July 5th, 2013

Seriously?The cries of the anti-gay side are only becoming more strident as they realize the marriage equality tide has turned against them. We’ll start over in Italy.

Gay Marriage is an Illusion

In Italy, Roman Catholic Cardinal Camillo Ruini refuses to even believe gay marriage really exists. Or something. On Top Magazine reports:

“We are fooling ourselves if we think we can banish nature with a personal or collective decision of our own,” Ruini told Italian daily Il Foglio. The basis for gay nuptials, according to Ruini, is the view that sex is a choice. “But this is an illusion, even if it is shared by many,” he said. “Our freedom, in fact, is rooted in the reality of our being, and when it is violated it becomes destructive, of ourselves first of all.”

Um, sex is not a choice? Does Cardinal Camillo have something he’d like to confess? 🙂

Hoping for Dog Weddings

Over in the UK, a former editor of the Telegraph muses about human-canine love. Pink News reports:

“Looking forward, as one always must, I wonder if the law will eventually be changed to allow one to marry one’s dog. Until now, this would have been considered disgusting, since marriage has been a law revolving around sexual behaviour, and sexual acts with animals are still, I believe, illegal. But, as this column has pointed out, the unintended consequence of the same-sex marriage legislation has been to take sex out of marriage law. Civil servants, unable to define same-sex consummation, omitted it. So marriage, from now on, can mean no more than the legally registered decision of two people to live together while not being married to anyone else.”

Slippery slope alert!

Supreme Court Now a Political Organization (But Not on the Citizens United and Voter Rights Stuff)

In the USA, Bill O’Reilly ranted about the US Supreme Court decisions. The Huffington Post reports:

O’Reilly tied the court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and vacate California’s Proposition 8 with with last year’s decision to uphold President Obama’s healthcare law, claiming that both cases were evidence that “the Supreme Court has morphed into a political organization, not a body that seeks to uphold the Constitution.”

And he’s just figuring this out? Even though this was one of the least politically driven decisions of the last two years?

Gay Marriage Destroys Children

Also in the US – Bishop Harry Jackson thinks we are destroying the children. The children! The Huffington Post reports:

“Since legalizing registered partnerships and gay marriage in Scandinavia, an overwhelming number of adults have simply stopped bothering to get married in the first place. As I have pointed out many times before, words that mean everything, mean nothing. The looser we make the definition of marriage, the fewer people will feel bound to its obligations and constraints. And while broken relationships can hurt adults, they can destroy children.”

Um, two things. More people are getting married, not less (they’re just not the kind of people you like). And gay couples have kids too!


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  1. Michael Barber says:

    Batshit Jackson doesn’t say how the children were destroyed. Unfortunately for him, the statistics on human welfare and wealth in Scandanavia belie his accusations as they have much better social outcomes than America. What a douche. In Scandanavia the people’s wealth is $188 for every billion in assets, In America it is SIXTY CENTS.

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