Written by scott on July 10th, 2013

Seriously?Our latest in our series of the crazy things marriage equality opponents are saying.

Let’s start today with Tony Perkins. He sent several tweets claiming Christian vendors were in danger of being jailed for their views on marriage equality. Joe.My.God reports:

It’s Jail Time for Bakers, Florists and Photographers

“We’re already seeing bakers and florists and photographers forced to participate in same-sex marriage under the threat of law and in some cases even jail.” Perkins tweeted on June 30th.

Politifact ripped his “jail” claim to pieces:

We didn’t find cases where people were forced to participate against their will. However, if vendors refuse service, there are consequences. There are 21 states that forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation. Vendors who refuse service there could face legal actions and fines. The “jail” part of Perkins’ claim is an exaggeration. We couldn’t find any evidence that a vendor had been sent to jail or that any legal authority had threatened jail time. In some states, if a business owner loses an anti-discrimination case and refuses to comply with an order, the owner could face jail, but we found no evidence of that ever happening. One state, Colorado, specifically took action to remove the threat of jail.

All the Extra Paperwork for Marriage Equality Will Kill Businesses

And over at Forbes, contributor Jerry Bowyer made the claim that marriage equality would be bad for business, because of all the paper, or something. Media Matters reports:

One of the most frequently cited arguments is that a pro-same sex marriage ruling would cut down on paperwork. But the problems with this are numerous. First of all, in a situation where some states have same sex marriages and some don’t, it seems like a new marriage category adds to the paperwork. So, the argument only applies to a ruling which forces same sex marriage on all the states, which was not one of the real world scenarios which were addressed before the courts.

Um, if there is an issue here, it’s because of the court’s half-a-loaf approach, and not because of marriage equality, per se. Enjoy Media Matters’ takedown of the rest of his faulty points at the link above.


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