Written by scott on July 11th, 2013

French ProtestThe latest in our series of the crazy things marriage equality and LGBT rights opponents are saying.

California Does Not Have Marriage Equality

The liberals just want you to think it does. Or something. Joe.My.God reports:

In yesterday’s press release about NOM’s plan to pursue a federal marriage ban, I noticed that Brian Brown claimed that same-sex marriages are still banned in 38 states. Silly, me – I figured that was a typo and didn’t mention the error. But as NOM’s Thomas Peters explains in a response to comment on NOM’s blog, California is apparently a magical place where all those gay marriages are only happening in our imaginations:

Jared: Your article states that there are 38 states that define marriage as being only between a man and a woman. With the latest Supreme Court ruling, hasn’t that dropped to 37 since CA now allows gay marriage?

Thomas Peters: Prop 8 remains the law in A. Clerks have been ordered to ignore it.

It may not have been formally removed from the books, but it was struck down. If we’re gonna be technical, New Mexico actually doesn’t define marriage as between a man or a woman either, Mister Peters, so your count is all screwed up.

We Passed Prop 8 – We Can Also Pass a Federal Gay Marriage Ban

Also at NOM, Brian Brown thinks the fact that they passed Prop 8 in California means they can get a ban on gay marriage through at the national level. On Top Magazine reports:

“We passed Proposition 8 in California, when everyone said it would be impossible!” Brown wrote. “It was only through judicial and political corruption that politicians like [Governor] Jerry Brown and [Attorney General] Kamala Harris were able to abandon the voters, and a single homosexual judge was allowed to invalidate it. We’re demanding that the [Rep. Tim] Huelskamp marriage protection amendment come before the full House of Representatives for a vote,” he added.

Of course, Pro 8 had to pass one time, five years ago, in a different environment, with 50% + 1 of the vote of one state. An amendment would have to get two-thirds approval in both houses of congress, and then be ratified by 38 states. Since Democrats control the Senate and the GOP doesn’t even have a two thirds majority in the House, it’s very unlikely it could pass congress. But even if it did, only 37 states are still in play. So tough luck, Mr. Brown.

Tyler Clementi’s Suicide Was Caused By Gay Rape

Now on to a truly disgusting example of a human being, Robert Oscar Lopez, who was raised by a same sex couple but now is pushing the far-right pseudo-theory that people become gay because they are sexually abused as children. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Clementi had so much experience with online hookups that he must have started them prior to turning eighteen. When he was a minor, it’s probable that he had liaisons with men who were older than eighteen and committing statutory rape. Seen through this lens, society failed not in fostering homophobia, but rather in allowing a culture of abuse to flourish online.

It’s beyond dispicable that this man would use Clementi’s death to further his own discredited theories, not caring what pain he might cause Tyler’s friends or family.

Polygamy is Now Legal in the USA

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, the guy flogging the constitutional amendment in the house, thinks he’s now free to marry nultiple women. On Top Magazine reports:

He went on to criticize Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling on Proposition 8 as “crazy.” “What’s the impact on our children? That’s what the Left doesn’t care about,” he said. “Just because two or three adults desire one thing that doesn’t mean it’s best for our children.” Huelskamp argued that the DOMA decision effectively allows parents to marry their same-gender children, adding that “polygamy should be allowed under this decision.”

Me thinks he protesteth too much…

The Persecutors Are Coming, The Persecutors Are Coming…

Seriously? regular Matt Barber thinks all the “good” Christians will soon go to jail. On Top Magazine reports:

“Come what may. Come the persecution. Come the penalties. Come what may, the full weight of government, we will not pretend that a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a woman under any circumstances, in any context whatsoever,” Barber said. “The persecution is already starting to happen,” he insisted. And “the court has opened the floodgates for persecution to occur.”

And the sky is falling and the end-times are here, and by the way, can you send us some more money?

The (Hot) French (Men) Are Coming

Finally, something a little lighter to brighten your day – in a strangely homoerotic protest, a group of anti-gay French guys stormed the shores of Marseilles yesterday. Queerty reports:

Why does every French anti-gay protester have to be so damn hot? It’s a question we’ve pondered for quite some time, and one we may never know the answer to. Despite their loss, four Frenchmen have made another unintentionally erotic video in which they storm the beach at Normandy Montpellier to protest the jailing of Nicolas Bernard-Busse, the first man sentenced to jail in France for rebelling against police during an anti-marriage demonstration last month.



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