Written by scott on July 25th, 2013

Seriously?The latest in our ongoing series on the crazy things anti gay folks are saying and doing.

Special First Amendment Rights for Christians

First off, pot-stirrer Scott Lively (man, I hate that we share the name Scott) hatched a new plan… to update the US Constitution to give Christians special rights in the First Amendment. Joe.My.God reports:

Yesterday crackpot Scott Lively asked his followers to distribute his First Amendment Supremacy Clause. Because he wants Christians to be exempt from all laws that protect LGBT citizens from discrimination. Of course! “In no circumstance shall sexual orientation regulations supersede the First Amendment rights of individuals, churches and religious organizations to freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. For the purpose of this statute religious organizations are those whose policies or culture are substantially influenced by religious values, including but not limited to Christian bookstores, adoption agencies, hospitals, businesses, social organizations and student clubs on college campuses.”

Always thought these folks were against “special rights”.

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural…. Family

Over in Illinois, a group called the Black Conservative Summit (i.e.: the 7% of African Americans who voted against President Obama last year) is holding a conference to “defend the natural family”. Whatever that is. Queerty reports:

If you happen to be in St. Charles, IL, at the end of August, you may want to drop on in and say “Hi” to the folks at the Black Conservative Summit. Given that President Obama won 93% of the African-American vote last year, it’s not likely to be a huge gathering, but the conference will feature all the homophobia you can stomach. The purpose of the conference is “defending the natural family,” which is under assault from “over dependence on, such things as welfare programs and unnecessary government interference.” Oh, and of course, the ” increasingly extreme homosexual lobby’s aggressive attempts to redefine both the God-ordained origin and purpose of the family.”

So what, exactly, is a Natural Family? Do they only eat organic food? Did they pop out of the ground from seeds? A little enlightenment, please!

Pray Away the Gay… Marriage

And finally, down in Alabama, Queerty brings us word of a state agency praying away the marriage equality:

What do electricity rates and marriage equality have to do with one another? Apparently, everything, if you live in Alabama. Last week, the state’s Public Utility Commission began a public meeting about rates with a prayer against marriage equality. The invocation came from John Delwin Jordan, a Baptist preacher who was at the meeting to testify as a representative of the Prattville Tea Party… “We’ve taken you out of our schools; we’ve taken you out of our prayers; we’ve murdered your children; we’ve said it’s OK to have same-sex marriage, God. We have sinned.”

As long as he’s praying, why not pray for lower energy costs for the state’s consumers???


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