Sign a Petition to the UN to Deny Accreditation to an Anti Gay Organization

Written by scott on July 31st, 2013

C-FAM LogoOur friend Ned at Marriage Equality USA brought this to our attention:

This right-wing, NOM-like group is oppressing LGBT people worldwide, and especially in Russia. Please mention this petition to deny them United Nations accreditation.


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  1. Trapper says:

    Human rights means ALL humans. To deny someone rights, to actively persecute them for ANY reason is against everything the UN stands for.

  2. Frank Courtell says:

    In an era of increasing confirmation of homosexuality’s roots in gene structure and development, it is apparent that groups like C-FAM offer nothing more than the fear mongering and bigotry which has lead, in the past, to holocaust.

    This is a horrid abuse of power and influence. When the rights of one human suffer, the rights of many are soon to follow.

  3. helgaleena says:

    Human rights are for ALL HUMANS

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