Singapore: Gay Couple Appeals Ruling on Sodomy Law

Written by scott on July 13th, 2013

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A gay couple in Singapore is appealing a court ruling on the country’s sodomy law that went against them. LGBT Weekly reports:

Lim and Chee are armed with two of the brightest legal minds as they gear up for their appeal. The couple has appointed Senior Counsel Deborah Barker who is a partner and head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution, at Khattar Wong LLP, one of Singapore’s leading law firms. They have also retained Queen’s Counsel Lord Peter Goldsmith to argue the appeal as co-counsel with Barker, although his application to argue the case in Singapore is still pending.

The previous court found it entirely reasonable to discriminate: “anal and oral sex in private between a consenting man and a consenting woman (both aged 16 and above) was acceptable, but the same conduct was repugnant and offensive when carried out between two men even if both men were consenting parties.” Wow – at least most places technically enforce such bans for everyone. Ouch.


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