Taiwan: Transgender Couple to Sue Over Revoking of Marriage License

Written by scott on July 12th, 2013

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A transgender couple unwittingly triggered the revoking of their marriage license when the second spouse registered her transition from a man to a woman with the state. Now they plan to sue to get it back – Gay Star News reports:

Abbygail Wu and Chih-yi Wu both transitioned from male to female in July last year and were married in October but Chih-yi did not seek to register her new gender with the government until this year – at which point their marriage license was cancelled by the Interior Ministry. Up until that point they had been viewed as legally married by the government. The couple have been backed in their efforts by lawmaker Cheng Li-chun of the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party who says cancelling the couple’s marriage license was an illegal act.

Again, it’s clear that marriage equality and transgender issues are often intertwined, and you can’t make progress on one without making progress on the other.

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