UK, England/Wales: Catholic MP’s Targeted Over Marriage Equality Support; Anti Gay Billboard in London

Written by scott on July 14th, 2013

LondonOn the eve of the final vote in the House of Lords on the marriage equality bill, there’s a little news coming out of the UK. Pink News reports:

It has been reported that Catholic campaigners have pushed for MPs of their faith to be banned from communion if they vote for equal marriage. A petition sponsored by Scottish group Catholic Truth calls for Catholic MPs who support same-sex marriage, as well as abortion and euthanasia, to be denied communion. According to the Mirror, Catholic MPs also received emails echoing the petition days before the final deliberations on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

And an anti-gay mobile billboard spotted driving around London plays the “It’s all about the children” card. Pink News reports:

A mobile billboard declaring “Fact: Children do best with married birth parents” will travel through London today and tomorrow ahead of the final House of Lords debate on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. Anti-equal marriage group GayMarriageNoThanks launched the billboard in response to arguments heard in the House of Lords from Baroness Stowell and Professor Lord Winston. Both cited research which suggests children of same-sex couples can “do better” than those of opposite-sex couples.

Tomorrow, the House of Lords has its final reading on the bill. After that, it goes back to the House of Commons for a revote with the amendments attached in the House of Lords later this week. If it passes without change, it only awaits the Royal Assent, and could be law within the next month or two. So close!

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  1. Nicole A says:

    U have to c GayMarriageNoThanks website. Reads almost identical to Yes on Prop 8. Could have been written by FRC. I’ll bet $20 I don’t have same arguments were made prior to the legalization of inter-racial marriage. Idiots!

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