UK, England/Wales: Marriage Equality Bill May Pass Final House of Lords Reading Without a Vote

Written by scott on July 15th, 2013

LondonToday’s the day for the marriage equality ill to be wrapped up in the House of Lords in the UK, before going back to the House of Commons to reconfirm the amended bill. Pink News reports:

The equal marriage bill for England and Wales is to undergo its Third Reading in the House of Lords today, and as the majority of its most vocal opponents have backed down in the face of its strong support, it may pass through without a vote. The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill is reaching the final stages of its legislative journey with its Third Reading today, as it passed Report Stage last week, and has already been through the House of Commons… The Lords will resume at 15:00, and if there is no opposition to the bill, it may be nodded through without a vote. The bill is expected to pass through quickly, and some peers have predicted it will go through before 16:00.

If it reaches final approval this week in both houses, how quickly could the Royal Assent come? Anyone over there have an idea?

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  1. OJ says:

    Royal Assent will (should) happen this week.

    First marriages to take place in Summer 2014.

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