UK: President Obama As HRC Superhero Appears in Street Art

Written by scott on July 22nd, 2013

President Obama HRC

Photo courtesy Pink News

President Obama has shown up on the side of a restaurant in London – in street art. Pink News reports:

An image showing President Obama wearing an iconic red equal marriage T-shirt has appeared on the wall of a restaurant in north London. The mysterious piece of street art illustrates the US leader ripping open a white shirt, superman-style, to reveal the Human Rights Campaign’s famous pink and red square emblem. Produced by the artist Pegasus, it can be viewed outside Bistro De La Gare, Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London.

Looks like he’s ready to defeat homophobia in a single bound. Faster than a lazy congress, more powerful than our opponents’ questionable motives… love it.

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  1. Yeah, he’s so dreamy with his kill list having killed 4 US citizens no jury/no trial; signing NDAA; drone bombing hundreds of innocent people; defending the NSA total surveillance society; cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries and continuing the failed drug war; lying about closing Guantanamo; appointing Monsanto heads to the FDA; cracking down on whilstleblowers and journalists; etc…. All hail Obama! A real progressive!

  2. Michael Bedwell says:

    Obama is more Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde than SuperHERO when it comes to LGBT equality—Good here; Horrible there. While he’s quick to TALK about it, ACTions speak louder than words, and an objective analysis of what he’s DONE versus what he’s SAID proves that this persistent image of him as our unblemished savior is just as fictional as any comic book character. In addition to the fact that he continues to refuse to keep his promise to order federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBTs, in addition to the fact that he has tolerated continued reprehensible discrimination against gays in the military post repeal, the specific allusion here to his reputation as an unequivocal hero for marriage equality is also a myth. Yes, he finally reversed himself on DOMA [or, more accurately, returned to his original 1996 support for marriage equality that he believed, rightly or wrongly, that he had to abandon to get elected POTUS], but he sent his Solicitor General to explicitly tell the Supremes in the Prop H8TE case that he did NOT WANT them to rule ALL state bans unconstitutional. As the expression goes: “With friends like that who needs enemas?”

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