UK Scotland: Tory Leader Says It’s Time for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on July 11th, 2013

ScotlandThe head of Scotland’s Tory Party is all for marriage equality. Pink News reports:

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson has reaffirmed her support for equal marriage in Scotland by saying “it’s a matter of love” in a video for the Equality Network’s It’s Time campaign. The MSP said: “I support equal marriage because I think that two people who love each other, who are committed to each other, should be able to make that commitment formalised in a marriage, and that’s equally true for people of the same gender as it is for people of different genders.”

When will Scotland take up the marriage equality bill?

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  1. Robin says:

    The bill was introduced right before the Parliament went into recess, which is until September 1. So we’ll see afterwards.

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