USA: As Marriage Equality Advances, Adoption Equality Lags Behind

Written by scott on July 22nd, 2013

Marriage Equality has made great strides in the US, especially in the last 12 months. But there are still many barriers for LGBT couples who want to adopt. Public News Service reports:

Two U.S. Supreme Court rulings have advanced the cause of marriage equality, and 12 states now allow same-sex marriage. But what about LGBT couples and individuals who want to adopt children? Ellen Kahn, director of Human Rights Campaign Family Project, says that too has opened up some, but she says much more needs to be done. “If you call and say, ‘I’m a gay man. My partner and I are interested in adopting,'” she explains, “there are still places that will say, ‘No, thank you,’ and hang up the phone.”

Things are changing slowly along with marriage equality, but it’s definitely another area that needs more of our attention and work.

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