USA: Boies, Pelosi Call for Marriage Equality in All States

Written by scott on July 1st, 2013

US Domestic Partner BenefitsProp 8 Case Attorney David Boies called for same sex marriage in all 50 states, saying the US Supreme Court effectively outlawed all gay marriage bans. reports:

Boies argued Sunday that the decision made by the Supreme Court can be applied on a national scale, rather than just California. Earlier this week, he told CNN’s Gloria Borger that proponents of same-sex marriage plan to get marriage equality in all 50 states within the next five years. Currently, 13 states plus the District of Columbia approve same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi thinks we can get it done by 2018. On Top Magazine reports:

“I’m optimistic that the momentum is with ending discrimination,” Pelosi said.

“Five years is achievable, you think?” Gregory asked a second time.

“Well, I would certainly hope so. Of course, I’ve been in this, shall we say crusade, for a long time. And to see the pace with which it has accelerated in the past few years is very encouraging,” she answered.

And Nancy pelosi is one of those people who gets things done.

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  1. Rev. Timmy says:

    Got ANGER? Get EQUAL!
    Want to flee unEqual PA for a Free-Marriage State? Save the schlep!

    Here’s your opportunity to get EQUAL in Pennsylvania:

    This is a call for Pennsylvania Plaintiffs and Participants!
    Email: TwoHusbands[at]gmail[dot]com
    Feel free to publish and share the link to this Facebook Note!

    What a glorious feeling yesterday to plant our American feet on NYC pavement where, for the first time in our 66 years, we have the full civil rights of marriage, federally, state and local.

    WATCH VIDEO: Tim [Hare, not “Ware”] and his husband Earl [Ball] with extra pep in their step at the New York City Heritage of Pride Parade, Sunday, June 30, 2013.

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