USA, California: Marriage Equality Foes Try to Limit Weddings to Four Plaintiffs

Written by scott on July 1st, 2013

Prop 8 OverThey just won’t give up. Now that the Supreme Court has blocked their attempt to reinstate the stay on gay weddings in California, they’re trying to limit the ruling to the four plaintiffs. AmericaBlog explains:

The religious right, in its zeal to extract every last ounce of pain possible, initially tried to stop the appellate court from lifting its stay. That failed. And now they’re trying to argue that the decision striking down Prop 8 only applied to the two couples who were plaintiffs in that case, and to no other gay couples in California.

The head of Lambda Legal has a great explanation of why this is absurd at the link above. His conclusion?

The argument being made by the proponents accordingly — to use a technical term (ha) — is pure malarkey.

They’ll stop at nothing to push their bigotry down to the bitter end.

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