USA, California: Rabbi’s Support for Marriage Equality Splits Congregation

Written by scott on July 8th, 2013

Jewish Star of DavidNot everyone supports marriage equality yet, as a Los Angeles Rabbi discovered when he announced plans to open his temple to same sex weddings. reports:

Celebrating same-sex marriages is hardly a new stand for Conservative Jewish congregations. But the decision in this distinctive synagogue has set off a storm of protest in recent days, particularly from Persian Jews, reflecting not only the unusual makeup of the congregation but also the generational and cultural divisions among some Jews over how to respond to changing civil views of homosexuality… Rabbi Wolpe said that based on letters he had received, and comments voiced to him as he walked the aisles of the sprawling, sunny sanctuary on Wilshire Boulevard during Saturday morning service, close to half of the congregation of 2,000 families, which is about half Persian, was unhappy with the new policy.

Kudos to Rabbi Wolpe for opening the door to same sex couples and closing it on bigotry.

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