USA, California: San Diego County Clerk Asks State Supreme Court to Stop Gay Weddings

Written by scott on July 20th, 2013

San Diego County clerk Ernest Dronenburg Jr.Here we go again -m these people are UNBELIEVABLE. Marriage Equality foes have finally found a County Clerk willing to help them stop the same sex weddings in California. Edge Boston reports:

Ernest Dronenburg Jr. urged the state high court to immediately halt same-sex weddings while it considers his legal arguments that gay marriages remain illegal in California despite a U.S. Supreme Court’s decision widely regarded as authorizing gay weddings. Dronenburg asked for the halt Friday while the state Supreme Court considers his petition, arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court decision applies only to the two couples named in the original federal lawsuit, and to the clerks in Alameda and Los Angeles counties where the couples applied for marriage licenses.

There’s nothing new here except the person making the argument:

The supporters have made the same legal arguments as Dronenburg. “The filing offers no new arguments that could deny same-sex couples their constitutionally protected civil rights,” state Attorney General Kamala Harris said. “The federal injunction is still in effect, and it requires all 58 counties to perform same-sex marriages. No exceptions.”

It’s over, but these folks are like zombies. They just keep coming back, beyond all reason, so driven by their religious convictions that gays are immoral that they can’t let it go. It’s sad.

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  1. Stephen Herman says:

    These people need to be prosecuted for bringing frivolous lawsuits.

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