USA, California: “Save California” Wants Clerks to Defy Supreme Court on Prop 8

Written by scott on July 9th, 2013

Prop 8 OverAn anti-gay group headed by longtime foe Randy Thomasson is looking for county clerks willing to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples. Joe.My.God reports:

Save California head Randy Thomasson: “I need your help to sensitize them to respect the constitution and the voters. We need to find one or more county clerks who believe in the exclusivity of man-woman marriage as well as his oath to abide by the state constitution, and who is not overwhelmingly afraid of liberal forces. Such a clerk, who is locally elected, is likely to be in the Central Valley and other parts of California that are strongly for man-woman marriage. Tell them that: As a public servant accountable to the county voters, you have sworn to uphold the state Constitution and the written statutes. In the controversy over same-sex marriage licenses, you must abide by the written constitution and what it tells you to do, not bow down to what a biased state official or agency opines and tells you to do.”

Um, wasn’t that constitution basically interpreted by a federal judge and rubber-stanmped by the court? Give it up, Randy. it’s over.

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