USA, California: Woman With Terminal Cancer Finally Allowed to Marry Partner

Written by scott on July 3rd, 2013

California MapJust in time – the Prop 8 ruling could not come soon enough for Helen and Pam. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Two brothers from Reseda sat in red lawn chairs at the entrance to the City Council chambers, having staked out the prime position so their aunts, Helen Andersen and Pam Holt, could have the first wedding of the day on Monday. Holt has terminal cancer and can’t be on her feet for long. They all know time is of the essence. More than a year ago, Holt’s doctor told her she had three months to live, said Tyler Mead, 21, one of the brothers. “They’ve been waiting 18 years for this,” Mead said. “I’d wait days in this line for them.” When Pachelbel’s Canon in D wafted out of the speaker system, Mead laughed with joy. “That’s awesome,” he said. “I’ve been holding back tears all day.”

A reminder that every day we’re forced to wait for equality has real life consequences for real life people.

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