USA: Couples in Civil Unions Will Not Receive Federal Benefits

Written by scott on July 9th, 2013

White HouseIt’s official – couples in civil unions are second-class citizens. In a widely-expected move that will give ammo to marriage equality advocates in states with civil unions laws, the federal government limited benefits of marriage to legally married couples. Think Progress reports:

The White House Office of Personnel Management released a series of memos dealing with different benefits for federal employees and explicitly made clear that only same-sex couples who are legally married can access them — not those in civil unions. Some benefits for domestic partnerships will remain intact, but same-sex couples in such partnerships or in civil unions “will remain ineligible for most Federal benefits programs.” Four states continue to offer civil unions: Hawaii, Colorado, Illinois, and New Jersey (Rhode Island’s civil unions will end August 1 when the marriage equality law takes effect). Though Colorado would require a constitutional amendment to upgrade civil unions to marriages, the decision has a profound impact on legislative efforts in the other three states.

We already have a lawsuit in New Jersey and a pending bill in Illinois – is Hawaii likely to be targeted next?

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  1. Ned Flaherty says:

    Three states are still stuck with old-fashioned, obsolete civil unions, even though they have no constitutional ban on same-gender marriage: HI, IL, NJ. All three of those states have marriage equality lawsuits well underway.

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah I’m with Ned. I don’t see the drama here. Hopefully you’s kids will be unloading these stupid half-compromises that the fricken christians never accepted anyway and go for the gold.

    Have a marriage that shoves it WAY up the pope’s skirt. That’s what I want!

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